Dental Sopron

A root canal treatment is needed when the pulp (the soft tissue inside the tooth) becomes inflamed or infected as a result of trauma or injury to the tooth, deep decay, repeated dental procedures on the tooth, or a cracked or chipped tooth. This may lead to an abscess, where the symptoms can range from a dull ache to severe pain and tenderness when biting. If left untreated, the infection will spread resulting in the tooth having to be removed.

Root canal treatment normally takes 2 visits to complete:

  • At the first appointment, we normally remove any infection from the tooth, any abscesses are drained and the root canal is cleaned and shaped ready to place the filling. A temporary filling is placed on the tooth.
  • At the second visit, the temporary filling is removed and we check that the infection has cleared before filling the tooth permanently.

When do I need a root canal treatment?

An infected tooth will not heal by itself and as it gets worse, it will continue to be a source of infection that brings down your immune system. You may notice that you have an infection, if you experience either

  • prolonged dental sensitivity to hot or cold
  • tenderness when biting or eating or
  • facial or oral swelling
  • bad taste in your mouth

You may also be completely unaware that you have an infected tooth, as you may not be experiencing any symptoms. An x-ray will show any infection.

A crown may the very last step in the procedure, which will give this tooth added strength and protection.

Dental hygienic treatment

A visit with our dental hygienist can be a positive life changing experience. Our preventive treatments provide all the every day essentials to help you to have a clean mouth.

The program we recommend is devised purely with your needs in mind, to give you healthy teeth and gums, fresh breath confidence and a nicer smile.

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