Dental Sopron

White fillings can be use for smaller and medium-sized decays, both in front and molar teeth. For the fillings we employ top-quality filling materials, which completely restore the shape and color of the tooth. White filling is a perfect replacement for amalgam.

Beneath the tooth enamel, there is dental pulp that contains veins, nerves and tissues. Root treatment is usually required by an internal inflammation called pulpitis, caused by deep cavities. During the treatment, the infected parts wall are removed, the space is sterilized as much as possible than we place a root canal filling to ensure the perfect closing.

Dental hygienic treatment

A visit with our dental hygienist can be a positive life changing experience. Our preventive treatments provide all the every day essentials to help you to have a clean mouth.

The program we recommend is devised purely with your needs in mind, to give you healthy teeth and gums, fresh breath confidence and a nicer smile.

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