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Crowns and bridges

Missing teeth, the unfilled spaces may cause the surrounding teeth to rotate and drift out of position thereby causing a host of problems including a bad bite, hard to clean teeth, gum disease and temperomandibular joint disorders.

A crown is made to look as real as your own natural tooth and covers the entire visible surface of your tooth. Crowns and bridges are attached permanently to the tooth to enhance aesthetics, add strength, durability and tooth stability.

When do I need a crown or a bridge?

Grinding your teeth, an improper bite, the aging process, fillings and tooth decay can all be contributing factors in the wearing down, cracking or breakage of your teeth.

When the larger part of the natural tooth material is missing and there is no chance to replace it with inlays/onlays.

To give added strength and protection after root canal treatment.

Bridge could hold a partial denture or fills a space permanently by linking into your adjacent teeth.

Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges

This is a conservative treatment option when we are able to replace a missing tooth using a restoration where the porcelain tooth is fused to a metal ‘base’. These the ‘base’ is bonded to the adjacent teeth. Optimal in the molar region.

Porcelain (metal-free/full ceramic) crowns and bridges

Aesthetically close to a real tooth and is thus an ideal solution for the restoration in the front region. We use for the construction of crowns primarily.

Zircon (Zirconium-dioxide) crowns and bridges

Zirconia ensures extreme stability and long durability and these performance qualities have been recognized by Porsche and used in brakes, and valves of engines. Dental crowns and bridges made from zirconia have no metal in them, and can be made translucent or opaque, depending on the demands of the situation.

Advantages of restorations made from zirconia:

  • metal-free – the color matches with the real tooth perfectly
    • perfect fitting accuracy will be achieved due to the CAD/CAM technology applied
    • 100% biocompatible = it is inert, and the body does not reject zirconia so you don’t have to worry about allergies or adverse reactions
    • Ideal for both dental crowns and bridges
    • Zirconia is virtually indestructible and should last a lifetime.

Telescope crowns

When there 4-5 teeth are left, the best solution is telescope anchored removable denture. Thin metal (gold) caps – primary telescope crowns – are put on the remaining teeth. According to the teeth, inner metal telescope caps are made and put into the denture – these are secondary telescope crowns. We get a perfectly aesthetic restoration, since nothing suggests any kind of metal part inside. The telescope anchoring provides excellent hold, despite the small number of remaining teeth.

Dental hygienic treatment

A visit with our dental hygienist can be a positive life changing experience. Our preventive treatments provide all the every day essentials to help you to have a clean mouth.

The program we recommend is devised purely with your needs in mind, to give you healthy teeth and gums, fresh breath confidence and a nicer smile.

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